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Where are you located?

As of February 2019, KSP operates out of beautiful Victoria, British Columbia on a full-time basis. I also have a home base just outside of Toronto, Ontario and serve customers frequently out of the GTA. We operate fully mobile and we are very comfortable travelling for events. Rest assured that should you commission me to cover your event or creative shoot then you are hiring someone very experienced with business travel. In terms of local jobs - I have a sporty SUV and I love to drive it!


Do you have insurance?

100% absolutely - yes!


What kind of equipment do you use?

KSP uses top of the line professional Canon bodies and a wide range of lenses which we believe helps deliver consistent high-quality images. We have an extensive backup equipment collection and could be described as a gear hoarder or tech junkie. We use a combination of Profoto and Elinchrom lighting which is efficient to set up on location and DJI drones when doing aerial work. Please ask if you want to know any more about the specific equipment I will be using on your shoot. I love to talk about gear!


How long have you been in business?

KSP has proudly been in business since 2012. This business bloomed during my UVIC university days and has continued strong throughout my twenties. I’ve shot on the side of mountains, beaches, inside caves, in blizzards, hurricanes, black tie events, weddings, professional championships, press conferences and everything in between.


What is your pricing?

Pricing varies based on location and way too many other logistical factors to list on a website. If you’d like to obtain pricing details for your event or shoot - drop me an email - I promise to respond ASAP with all of the information you need. I look forward to chatting further! :)


Do you have an assistant?

My full-time fluffy assistant Jay requires long walks and plenty of cuddles. He works on his own timeline and can make anyone laugh. **On the odd occasion that KSP needs logistical aid, my lovely husband Matt or my rockstar dad Terry provide help with lighting, organizing and managing key parts of your event/shoot.


How long does it take before we receive our photographs?

This can be ironed out during the booking process as it depends on how much editing required.


KSP can instantly provide photos for social media use in real-time during sporting events using WIFI access points or wired file transfer. We understand the importance of speed and quality.


For shoots that require more editing, you will receive your final product within 1-2 weeks, or a pre-determined date if images are required earlier. In general, the average turnaround time is 48 hours.


Are your images watermarked?

NO. High-resolution images do not have any watermarks.


Do we get to keep the negatives?

I provide the selected high-resolution digital files. KSP retains all copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes etc. If required, I can provide you with a written release that will allow you to make unlimited copies for your friends and family.

*The raw unedited files are not available for viewing or purchase. The images I select for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards.


Do you ever sleep?

We try - but life is so fun we can hardly contain our excitement to wake up every day! :)

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